Bridal "Emergency"/Survival Kits
Bridal "Emergency"/Survival Kits
Bridal "Emergency"/Survival Kits

Bridal "Emergency"/Survival Kits

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Bridal "Emergency"/Survival Kits by Tender Moments, LLC

Our Bridal "Emergency"/ Survival Kits make excellent Bridal Shower Gifts and come in handy on Wedding Day in the bridal suite, groom suite, or even while traveling on your honeymoon. The kit contains Wedding Day essentials for those unexpected moments and/or "just in case" items to help avoid wedding day "bloopers" ;-)

22 Piece Kit contains:

- Mints (2)

- Travel Size Tissue Pack (1)

- Hair Pins(4)

- Hair elastics (2)

- Safety Pins (2)

- Band-Aids (2)

- Lip balm (1)

- Hand Sanitizer Wipes (1)

- Advil (single dose packet)(1)

- Shout Stain Remover Wipes (1)

- Dental Floss Pick (1)

- Q-tips (4)

Generally Ships within 1-3 business days.