Meet April

Dr. April Cobb

Outgoing. Sentimental. Creative

“I absolutely LOVE working with my clients to design beautiful custom décor and keepsakes that capture their vision for their wedding, special celebration, and/or corporate event.” - April Cobb 

To know her is to LOVE her! April Cobb is a “people person" that loves to celebrate and reflect on life’s most cherished and memorable moments. April has always been crafty. For April, making beautiful and unique creations is a creative outlet and passion which allows her to express sentiments from her heart.

While working on her doctorate degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Wayne State University, her favorite stress relief consisted of taking a shopping trip to a local craft store, and then back home to design and create some cool (e.g., wreaths, etc.). Often, she would give away her creations to family and friends only to hear “OMG! You should sell this stuff!"

In 2008, she finally followed their advice and Tender Moments, LLC was born! Today, Tender Moments continues to grow, and evolve, and is fueled by April’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for planning and designing events and beautiful heartfelt keepsakes that embrace life’s happy milestones.

Outside of running Tender Moments, April continues to work in academia (education is her other passion!) as a Professor and has held faculty appointments in both psychology and business. She is married to the love of her life, Oscar, and they reside in Detroit with their three sons.